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365... one day at a time.

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Daily inspiration.

Something I'm keen to develop (either here or on a standalone site) is my '365' series.

It's a brief daily message (hence '365'), to help and inspire Network Marketers to do better and achieve more.

The idea isn't wholly mine.

My friend Tom Chenault and I are members of Alcoholics Anonymous. (Tom for about 25 years; me for just two-and-a-half.)

We often chat by phone, and consider the many parallels we see between AA and Network Marketing.

AA members stay sober one day at a time.
Do their jobs one task at a time.
Solve their problems one at a time.

And you/I/we build a Network Marketing business the same way.
One day at a time.

There's a variety of 'daily reflections' and 'thought for the day' books and resources which AA members use to help them stay focused on their sobriety.

So I'm doing something similar for Network Marketers… but rather than wait for a year-or-so to make it into a book I'm doing it now, daily… literally 'one day at a time'.

I originally began this some years ago, as a paid-for service on its own site.

But, busy with too much other stuff I never marketed it properly, and it reached relatively few (less than two hundred) people.

That's a waste, and so, with an appropriate revamp, it's something I want to do as soon as I'm able to get to it.

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