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A right time for everything?

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Better late than never. (Redux.)

Two years ago, I noted…

For a variety of reasons, not-least that I've been busy with other things, since this site was built I've not used it.

This'll now change.

But it didn't, and I allowed the neglect to continue.

One reason for this is that I've simply been too busy.

Another is uncertainty about how to best-use the site…

Although I've become well-known for my Network Marketing-oriented focus, my work continues to increasingly reach beyond NM and I've not known how to present that onsite.

I'm still not sure, and will consider it a create-and-adjust thing in which current ambiguity will in-time become appropriate clarity.

What's increasingly clear is that I've been-there-done-that not the time or desire to use these 'Notes' as an advice-type blog with almost-daily content about Network Marketing and/or personal growth & professional development.

So, the focus here will very-firmly be 'what I'm doing (and the thinking behind it)'.

Additional appropriate 'observation and rumination' may infrequently appear… though I've currently no idea what form that may take or how frequent it'll be.

And, as time permits I'll add selections from my articles/audio to the 'free' section onsite.

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