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Another book?

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Completing the trilogy.

Around twenty years ago I penned a couple of now very well-known books:

'The Greatest Networker in the World', and the more-of-the-story sequel 'Conversations with the Greatest Networker'.

(Those links are to Amazon, to provide a quick intro and overview.)

Briefly, they featured…

The inspirational story of a young man who discovers the secrets of Network Marketing, and uses his newfound knowledge to discover a life purpose and achieve goals by believing in himself and his dreams.

In the years since, I've often been asked whether I had plans for a further volume… to which the answer has remained 'no'.

Now though, I'm reconsidering… wondering whether 'Travels with the Greatest Networker' might be an appropriate trilogy-completing end to the saga.

I've certainly enough core material, and a renewed desire to revisit this.

'More as we get it…'

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