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'Small-talk and a little propaganda.'

Snippets about what I'm doing (and the thinking behind it).

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Better late than never.

(Less than a minute to read.)

A right time for everything?

For a variety of reasons, not-least that I've been busy with other things, since this site was built I've not used it.

This'll now change.


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'Tweets all gone.'

As part of a remake/remodel, I've just deleted all my previous Twitter tweets.

I hadn't used Twitter for more than a couple of years, and so a fresh-start may be appropriate.


Brian Klemmer: Make big commitments.

(Less than a minute to read.)

'The Compassionate Samurai: Being Extraordinary in an Ordinary World.'

Known for his humorous and practical communication, Brian was a best-selling and highly respected author/speaker.

In 'The Compassionate Samurai: Being Extraordinary in an Ordinary World', he explores how to produce extraordinary results and still maintain the highest levels of ethics.


Feed me.

(2 minute read.)

I prefer Rss to a regular email newsletter.

My 'updates' page outlines various options for keeping-up with what's going on here.

I currently don't provide a regular email newsletter. (And have no plans to.)

Why? Surely a newsletter is a good thing?

Perhaps. And there's other ways of delivering and receiving such info.


Robert Kiyosaki: Why I support Network Marketing.

(1 minute read.)

The viewpoint of an entrepreneur.

Here's something from Robert Kiyosaki, outlining his support of Network Marketing.


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