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'Small-talk and a little propaganda.'

Snippets about what I'm doing (and the thinking behind it).

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365... one day at a time.

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Daily inspiration.

Something I'm keen to develop (either here or on a standalone site) is my '365' series.

It's a brief daily message (hence '365'), to help and inspire Network Marketers to do better and achieve more.



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A wide variety.

Here in 'Notes' I'll be including…

News, comment, observation, opinion, speculation, quotes and small-talk about Network Marketing and Life… along with updates, background info and perspective-setting stuff on what I'm doing, and a little propaganda.

I'll be adding things frequently… several times weekly.

If you've NM-oriented questions or there's something you want to ask, please contact me.


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And so we begin...

I'm currently relaunching and expanding this site, pulling-together various stuff from other sites of mine to provide a single focus.

There'll be a variety of useful resources… articles, interviews, ebooks, audio & video… from myself and others.


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