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What if NM was your job?

You've probably heard this: 'Treat your business like a business.'

It's offered as one of the golden keys to success, one of the top #10 fixes for a struggling Network Marketer.

But what if it's not?

What if the real solution for you was to…

Treat your business like a job.

Heresy, I know, but please… think about it for a moment.

Let's say you got a job in the sales department of a local maker of whatever, and what you had to do was to make at least a hundred calls a day to prospects, to sell your company's wonder widget to them. And let's say you're being paid $1000 a week.

Would you make those calls?

Of course you would.

Whether you liked it or not.

No matter if you were comfortable or not, whether you felt like it or not.

Whatever the results.

And you'd do it because… if you didn't, you'd get fired.

If you didn't get results after some period of time, you'd probably get fired anyway. But in the beginning, if you wanted to get paid, if you wanted to keep your job… you'd make those one hundred calls each day, because that's your job.

So, what if you treated your Network Marketing business the same way… as a job?

Pretend you're the owner of a Network Marketing business. (You are.) And you're hiring someone to work for you.

  • What's the job description for that employee?
  • What would you tell him or her that they had to do every day at work?
  • What specific daily/weekly tasks would you require them to complete to earn their salary?

(It's probably a good idea to write this somewhere.)

Now, for the next week…

Do those things yourself.

Consider yourself an employee.

This is your job, and if you don't do it you'll be fired and won't be paid.

(You might want to pause and think about how you'd feel for being fired and not getting paid.)

Hopefully, this'll shift your thinking, help you to work diligently… and perhaps differently.

Maybe you'll break-through some of those things that have been stopping you from doing what you know you must (if you're to succeed in this business).

So, for a week, treat your business like a job and see what happens.

And please, let me know.

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