Who I am and what I do…

What's here is "probably way more than you wanted to know". So, read only what interests you, please.

I'm a writer, editor, speaker & mentor-coach— and Lord knows (because God is the only one who could know) how I got to be any of these (I sure don't).

I'm genuinely proud of being the author/editor of more than 25 books and audio programs and over four-million copies of same sold. I authored The Greatest Networker in the World, which is one of the best-selling network marketing titles with over one million around the world and somewhere close to 3 million readers. (I also did a "ghost-write" on another million-seller.) I've been blessed to positively impact a lot of people's lives.

I've got a BFA in Photography from the Philadelphia College of Art and have been a carpenter, laborer, salesman, photographer, Director of Marketing for a Natural/Health Food company, marketing consultant, copy and "ghost" writer, coach, Editor-in-Chief (four-times), Chairman of the Board— a whole bunch of working-world stuff.

"Mistakes, I've had a few,
But then again, too…"

many to mention 8^)

My speaking has taken me all around America and to Australia, Canada, China (Taiwan), Costa Rica, Crete, Dubai, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia (Moscow, Kazan and Samara), Singapore and Kiev in the Ukraine. Katyusha and I (and Ele and Anais) were back to Moscow in '06. (Want to know how to breeze through customs and immigration? Take Anais with you. She'll charm each and every one of them and they all smile and go stamp… stamp… stamp… stamp on all your papers. What a joy!)

I founded Upline® and Network Marketing Lifestyles. I'm the founder of The GreatestNetworker.com (Web 2.0 back in 2000), created the Upline Master's Weekends, was a Contributing Editor for Success magazine, Founding Editor-in-Chief for Networking Times and was one of the founders of The Network Marketing Magazine.com. I put together the book It's Time… for Network Marketing— the most remarkable form of free enterprise ever created, started TheFoggBlogg, created The MasterMind Sessions and BeliefBusters and Speaking & Listening and Coaching For MLM Leaders, "A Weekend With The Greatest Networker in the World" and I've just released my latest book The Greatest Networkers in the World— twenty-one ordinary people who became millionaires in Network Marketing and the true stories of how they did it.

My life purpose is …

To learn… and I'm compelled to share what I'm learning with millions of people, which is what I do for a living.

My family, home, pets and pleasures

I live in Charlottesville, Virginia (Thomas Jefferson's Virginia) with Jekaterina Koldajeva-Fogg, aka; Katyusha, My mystical, magical Russian redhead— who's my life, my wife, my LOVE and my partner. Katyush is an Artist, trained Classical Violinist, The Greatest Mother in the World and simply the best looking wise person I've ever met…

They say, "Virginia IS for Lovers" and to prove it, we two are the proud parents of Eleonora Milena (age 9+) and Anais Polina (age 5+) Fogg. Both are two-thirds Russian and English is Ele's second language:-).

Here's a slide show (in need of updating) of "the girls" (with a few pics of my son and me) from my profile page at MySpace.com:

Just for fun, and to prove I wanted a dynamic Life: The week of April 29.02; I was divorced on Monday; married on Tuesday; took Wednesday off; and Ele' was born Thursday… Anais was born on March 26.06. It was a much quieter week.

My son Johnny (26 now) did under and over-graduate work at "My University" (is there such a thing as home-school college?). After high school he traveled to Italy, attended The Photography Workshops in Rockland, Maine, worked at a tea house and helped me building a couple of my websites: BeliefBusters.com, SpeakingAndListening.com, WeAllNeed ACoach.com and the last one was a father-and-son project aGreatQuestion, a daily thoughtful, inspirational video on YouTube.

Johnny created a remarkable "traveling community art exhibit" you can learn about here: The Mother:Father Project. I begged (and literally paid…) him not to go to college until he was really passionate about studying something important to him. And that's what he's done. He's now in Kyoto, Japan studying "The Way of Tea." I Love It! He took a cross-the-US motorcycle trip before he left for Japan. The picture above is the father 38 years ago, not the son today.

Rachel (31 this February 24) graduated top of her class in the Virginia School of Massage, yet worked mostly as a bar-tender, "cause "the money's much better." She IS the funniest woman I have ever known. I didn't see Rachel often enough when she lived in C'ville, and now she's moved to Hawaii with her partner and love Kt… I call my two oldest chidren the "Far Aways."

My children are all extraordinary people! Bright, funny, wise and talented. What I enjoy most about them—and am most proud of—is how much I like them all as human beings. The older ones are each intelligent, authentic and unique individuals. Even if they weren't "my kids," I'd want to know them and be with them for who and how they are. Love AND Like. Amazing!

Where do you live?

Charlottesville is mas o menos in the center of the state snuggled up against the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's a college town. The University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson's pride and joy, is here. About 19,500 grads and unders come and go with Charlottesville's 49,000 plus population. Every time I go someplace else wondering if I'd like to live there—with perhaps the exception of Hawaii and Maine (both great to visit, and…)—I come back to C'ville and I know I am home! I dearly Love this place.

I'm a card-carrying Capricorn, so "mi casa, mi castillo." I've also been blessed with The Greatest House "karma" in the World, which has enabled me to live in a succession of most special places over the years. The house we're in now is more and better than all the others.

It's our Dream home called by me "Miracle House." Can you imagine buying a house worth $1,000,000-plus with no money? We did. The Russian magic of Katyusha.

An eccletic mix of "stuff": Tribal rugs—some are old souls; orchids and fresh flowers from the gardens; a model of the Wavertree-a three masted 1885's iron ship my grandfather sailed on as an apprentice seaman—in its case atop a 1730's Captain's footlocker; an original 50's butterfly chair… "treasures and pleasures" indeed.

Still being an "artist," I put found objects—like rocks, driftwood (especially), vacated turtle shells and natural treasures directly onto our white walls. (Everywhere I visit in my travels I bring back rocks and natural things. So much more precious than tourista stuff… and cheaper, too.)

I don't like cages for birds… locking up a creature born to fly is not a good thing. Frames do the same for me sometimes; they limit the partnership (I just noticed the word "art" in partnership. Cool.) of form and space. So, I got rid of them. I just stick things on the wall itself. The dance of how the objects play with each other—a dried twisting kelp stalk, above a goat's horn with a turtle shell underneath arranged vertically up a wall—and the visual sharps and flats of form and space are utterly fascinating to me…

And please, come visit. That's no kidding. There's nothing we like and love better than to spend some time out on the deck or in front of the fire with network marketers. As I've said before, You are The Greatest People in the World.

Pets? One cat left (…over from Rachel. Katyusha is not a cat person, even though she has their eys), Miltosh (formerly Milton, but I can't call him that… who talks! I swear). And then there is Raegay, The Greatest Dog in the World a "schnoodle," some combine of schnauzer and poodle. He is the most remarkable four-legged person I've ever known.

That's enough. As said, probably more than you wanted to know…

If you've a heart and mind to, get in touch.

Comments… questions? Please contact me.

John Fogg
3620 Garden Gate Court
North Garden, VA 22959
USA +434-964-9303

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