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Network Marketing-oriented observations and comment, with some small-talk and a little propaganda.

Failure. And fear of.

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Failure. Do you fear it? (I'm not aware of anyone who at some time doesn't.)

Ultimately, fear of failure generates a vicious circle that creates what is most feared.

To break this cycle, you need to make peace with failure.

It isn't enough to merely tolerate it; you need to appreciate the failure and use it…

The greatest inventors, artists, and athletes have all failed many times.

Dan Millman, 'Body Mind Mastery'.

Here's what Michael Jordan has to say about failure:



(1 minute read.)

You've probably heard the term 'garbage in, garbage out'.

I've read that it originated in reference to computers, explaining how their output depends on their input… they'll process whatever's given to them, and so if they're 'fed garbage' then it's no surprise that what comes out is also garbage.

Our minds are a bit like that too. We're influenced by what we see and hear.


Treat your business like a...

(2 minute read.)

You've probably heard this: 'Treat your business like a business.'

It's offered as one of the golden keys to success, one of the top #10 fixes for a struggling Network Marketer.

But what if it's not? What if the real solution for you was to…


Better late than never.

(Less than a minute to read.)

A right time for everything?

For a variety of reasons, not-least that I've been busy with other things, since this site was built I've not used it.

This'll now change.

Tweets from Twitter.

(Less than a minute to read.)

As an experiment, I have an onsite page which shows my Twitter tweets.

It may be a useful way to get a quick idea of what I do there, without having to visit Twitter.

Currently, there's only a handful, because I've just deleted all the previous stuff… I hadn't used Twitter for more than a couple of years, and so have started again fresh.

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