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Who's John Fogg?

Author, coach, and entrepreneur.

John Fogg

Since the late '80s I’ve been working in personal growth & professional development.

Although I've become well-known for my Network Marketing-oriented focus, my work continues to increasingly reach beyond NM.

Among other things, I'm…

• Author/co-author/editor of more than two-dozen well-known and best-selling books, including 'The Greatest Networker in the World'… which, having sold more than a million copies, is among the highest-ever selling Network Marketing books.

• Founder/co-founder of several US Network Marketing magazines… including Upline, Network Marketing Lifestyles, Networking Times, and The Network Marketing Magazine.

• Coach and mentor to more-than-I-can-count individual Network Marketers.

I live (with my laptop!) in Virginia, USA.