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Notes: updates.

With free updates it's easy to know when something new is added to 'Notes'.

Instead of an email newsletter, 'Notes' is where anything significant is mentioned.

Updates are available as…

  • Rss: delivers new stuff almost as soon (usually within minutes) as it's published.
  • Email: a daily digest.


My 'Notes' rss feed is available:

Unsure about rss? Simply… it automatically-and-regularly gathers new stuff from sites in which you're interested, so you can read it without having to visit the site.

You can read rss updates in modern web browsers, email programs, and newsreaders (FeedDemon (for Windows) and RssOwl (for Windows), and NetNewsWire (for Mac) are free, simple and work well).


'Notes' updates are also available as a daily email…

  • From Google Feedburner.
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