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'Small-talk and a little propaganda.'

Snippets about what I'm doing (and the thinking behind it).

Updates will likely be infrequent… perhaps no more than one-or-two monthly.

If there's something you want to ask, please contact me.

Feed me.

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I prefer Rss to a regular email newsletter.

My 'updates' page outlines various options for keeping-up with what's going on here.

I currently don't provide a regular email newsletter. (And have no plans to.)

Why? Surely a newsletter is a good thing?

Perhaps. And there's other ways of delivering and receiving such info.



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And so we begin...

I'm currently relaunching and expanding this site, pulling-together various stuff from other sites of mine to provide a single focus.

There'll be a variety of useful resources… articles, interviews, ebooks, audio & video.


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